De Atramentis Inks

De Atramentis is a renowned ink manufacturer with a fascinating history that dates back to 1991 when Dr. Franz-Josef Jansen founded the company in Germany. Dr. Jansen, a chemist by profession and calligraphy passionate, embarked on a mission to create high-quality, artisanal inks that met the demanding standards of fountain pen enthusiasts. His dedication to crafting unique and vibrant ink colours and his commitment to using archival-quality pigments set De Atramentis apart. Over the years, the company has gained a loyal following among fountain pen users, calligraphers and sketchers worldwide. De Atramentis is celebrated for its extensive ink range, including scented inks and custom ink creations for individuals and organizations. With a blend of tradition and innovation, De Atramentis continues to be a beloved name in the world of fine writing instruments, offering a diverse palette of inks that cater to pen enthusiasts' artistic and expressive needs.